Apr 15

Dating Secrets Of The Pros

Relationships take time, energy, patience, and a lot of emotional and even financial investment. However, at the end of the day, even those who have been burned by relationships will tell you that they are well worth it. While there usually is a great deal of information out there regarding the lack of success in today’s relationships, there are also a number of golden gems of advice regarding how to handle your own dating life. To ensure that you’re on the right track and you’re informed, below is an overview of the main things that the pros have to say about the date experience.

Be Honest and Upfront

There is nothing worse than getting into a relationship with someone and realizing that their intentions and your intentions are completely different. In this type of scenario, each of you simply ends up wasting your time and investing energy into something that is bound to be unsuccessful. As a result, the best thing that you can do when you go on dates is to ask your date what their intention is. If they are looking for a serious relationships that lead to something serious in the future, then it spells good things.


Be Yourself

While this may seem like such a simple thing to do, the truth is, many people actually have a great deal of trouble when it comes to this element. Those who go on dates aim to be who they aren’t in order to impress the other party. This not only results in disaster, but it also leads to failed expectations and a false understanding of the individual that is going on a date with you. You should also keep in mind that you may not want to be in the same situation yourself. Therefore, it is best for people to tell your dates to be themselves, so that you both can better gauge whether your relationships will work.

Keep Technology at Bay

Finally, this element cannot be understated. There is nothing worse than going on a date with someone who has their cell phone or other type of technology out. It not only shows that there is a strong sense of disrespect for the date, but it also indicates that the individual is not prone to giving attention to the other person. As a result, you and your date should keep hands off the technology.

Oct 13

Steps To Rebuild A Relationship

Love relationships are one amid the amazing sources of happiness for human beings, yet also the reasons of regret and lasting sadness. Rebuilding a broken relationship can be extreme emotional work. It can be a daunting work too, as all the relationships of any sort greatly depend on both individuals actively participating. People in a love relationship have mysterious something, which each person likes, desires and needs. Even though the relationship is over, that magical element is still there. Partners desiring to rebuild a relationship certainly have the inside track; they fascinated other person once and thus, can do it again.

Trust in a relationship is vital

Trust is a crucial element if a relationship is going to survive and flourish. Without faith, neither partner could feel happy or secure. It is both fragile and powerful. It undeniably takes very short span for it to be seriously destroyed within a love relationship. Trust killers usually include things such as secrecy, betrayal, manipulative or dominating behavior, lying, irresponsibility and more.

How to rebuild a relationship?

Sometimes rebuilding a relationship is as simple as redoing the courtship or allowing the feelings rekindle themselves. If a severe event caused the break in a relationship, a different approach would be needed. Cooling relationships can be easily rebuilt with time and effort.

Be honest – If you are the one to be faulty or the cause to break faith in your relationship and then you need to take full responsibility for your wrong behavior. Don’t try to make excuses or blame your partner for your deeds. Taking responsibility and also being honest shows other person that you are serious and factually value the relationship. Properly expressing the concerns is a vital part of rebuilding a sturdy relationship.


Focus on yourself – The fact is that you cannot change other people. However, you can change yourself for better relationship. Instead of simmering about recent injustices or past hurts, simply look for what factually could be done to make the things better.

Open communication – If a major event interrupts a relationship, open communication regarding what happened and why would bring the clarity to the crucial circumstances. This facilitates in rebuilding a relationship. If it is an issue of trust, it would take some time to rebuild and needs some steps of action or proof. Each side must explain the things in detail, what happened, how they felt and more.

Working out an agreeable compromise would resolve the issue. The trust will surely be rebuilt when both partners learn they can depend on each other to safeguard them and put their happiness or well-being first again.

Letting go – If you do not desire to repeat the past and then avert living in it. Never re-enact past pains in the present. Once when the conflict has been solved, and emotional responses expressed, it is essential to let it go and move ahead.

To rebuild a relationship, the feelings of trust and love should be re-established through actions and words. People involved in a love relationship have an attraction to one another. Reawakening such passions and feelings can be done with appreciation, conscious effort and awareness.

Mar 20

What Type Of Profile Pictures Attract Girls?

The profile picture can say a lot about you. If you are trying to attract the girls on online websites for dating, first thing that any girl would check before reading your profile would be your profile picture. For this reason, it is very essential to carefully select the profile picture which attracts the girls on your online site. In these sites the profile picture should match the picture that you are trying to depict. When you are using an outdated image to portray a younger picture on online sites for dating teenage girls will not do any good.

Facts to consider

The boys need not to hide their age; just they require looking good with their age. So take a unique profile picture rather than the usual one and also the image which shows your present state. Since you are taking images for an online site for dating girls but not for a fashion magazine. In order to attract the girls you can take the profile photos utilizing any sort of digital camera. These types of sites are considered as a personal website; through you are picture you can show yourself as warm kind and friendly person. So, it is not necessary to take the pictures from a latest camera available in the market, you can also take your profile picture from your mobile also. Here are the some types of profile pictures for an online site to attract young women:

The animal lover

According to some of the recent researches, images with pets are very useful for getting girls to meet in person than their images of doing something interesting. So, try to get your hands on the nearest cat, dog or any animals and let the magic happen. Why this works; no doubt about it that boys who are kind to animals are seen as hot. You can give off a vibe that’s gentle yet protective, caring yet playful. Plus, when girls see a cute guy in such kind of profile pictures she will imagine how good he will be protecting them.

With your family

This particular type of profile picture works like a powered up version of images with friends. This profile picture really works because females love the family pic, so they imagine you are close to your family members and also that you are a good guy.

Nature lover

If you are nature lover kind of guy, then uses the pictures that are taken at outdoors. You can also use the most recent images from your nature/adventure trips. The picture taken during spring time is useful to attract the female for a profile. You can take benefits of any season truly. These types of profiles are very effective to grab any female’s attention since they usually love brids, flowers and other elegant elements of nature.

Some of the images for your online dating site which attracts the more girls are the successful entrepreneur, the artist kind of guy, the musician in the making and so on. You can also do some editing to make your profile pic is more attractive and to impress the females.

Nov 12

Survival Tips For Dating A Shy Guy

A shy guy is quite a contrast from the confident lot of guys we meet usually. Lacking in self confidence, the shy guys can a tough deal to handle especially when you fall for someone like this. The shy guys however can make for an awesome lover, as they are ruled more by their heart than their heads. Also, they take awesome care of the person they love expressing through actions, though initially it takes a longer time to open up.

Some survival tips for dating include

  • Accept his innate nature

Shy guys have an innate nature which make them so less expressive, more silent listeners and hence an adorable choice especially for the glib ladies who needs a passive listener. Also, their feelings do not get channelized into words in their case but by way of actions. Hence, it is best to accept this shy nature rather than expecting him to change. His is less a party person and more of an introvert, hence dating a shy guy in some scenic, isolated natural destinations will be much fruitful than taking him to a disco party.

  • Be patient and not forceful

Forcing a shy lover to speak, to be more confident will do no good. In fact, these can act as a turn down as they need more of pampering instead. Initialising talks after proper research on his likes and dislikes can be a good ice breaker in the dates. Make him interested in talking about things which he can connect with, and thus a good way to make him vocal and more comfortable. Rushing to actual romance can be difficult, slow progress towards this is the way to go.

  • Chat often over phone and social media sites


Many times, meeting one to one can be little frightful for the shy guys. Their brains come to a standstill in terms of functioning correctly on meeting you and also the nervousness makes them tremor and also perspire. Hence, talking over the phone can be a god way to start before dating. Social media sites can also be a good medium to research and have a better dating experience later.

  • Remember the information he provides

It is easy to remember the details he utters when dating a shy guy as he talks less. It is best to frequently recall and reiterate the names of his family members or any other events which he shares. This gives a feel good factor to him and gives the necessary confidence boost that he is being given importance and is cared for.


  • Don’t make him feel offended

Shy guys feel offended in case they are mocked for being quiet by the family of the girl. Hence, it is best to introduce him properly to the parents before meeting. Also, keeping the secrets he shares with you can him less hesitant and trust develops in the relation.

  • Praise his actions

The actions speak louder than words. Straight from heart approach is followed by this guy for showcasing his feelings. Hence, focus on his actions and praise his romantic moves more often.

Mar 10

Five Unexpected Romantic Gestures That Work Every Time

Romance is actually an expression of love for another person, generally someone from the opposite gender. Love is a deeply embedded feeling of the human mind, which the beloved person may not be fully aware of. So, sometimes you need to be a bit expressive and show your love through some truly unexpected romantic gestures that will take your dear loved one in surprise, at the same time will make her/him very pleased and similarly affectionate for you.

You may want to do something for your loved one that will not be beyond your physical or financial limit, but good enough to make her/him feel happiest.

Surprise her/him with a sudden gift

Generally people think of giving gifts only on special occasions, like any festival or birthday or anniversary. But the true romantic feeling can be shown with an unexpected gift that will definitely carry the message of your unconditional love for that person in very simple manner, like writing on a card. This gift should be something that can make a person happy at all times; for example, a bunch of red roses, or a chocolate bar of her/his favorite brand or maybe a special perfume of her/his chosen scent.

Treat her/him with a surprise lunch at the office


It is a common practice of taking one’s loved person out for dinner. But as everyone is normally busy during the working hours, it will be a wonderful romantic treat for your darling, if you carry some of her/his favorite foods to her/his office for lunch and moreover, get enough time to have the lunch together, giving her/him some extra time out of your own busy schedule, as a token of your love and care.

Show special care and respect towards her/his dear people

As everyone holds more affection towards that person who shows proper respect and care for his/her family members, especially his/her parents. Hence, it will be a really wise step to go and meet the parents of your loved one, take any simple gift for them or simply give them company for some time in the evening; the gestures which will convince your beloved about your special love and care for her/him.

Do something totally unusual and special for her/him

Often it may happen that the show or a specific type of movie may be quite boring for you to watch, but it can be a favorite one for your beloved. So it will definitely be a great proof of your love, if you voluntarily buy tickets of that function or film for both of you, indicating that it is only her/his happiness that you care for, without thinking of your own choice.